Disclaimer Updated

Currently, this online service and its modules are in Beta stage and some features, functionalities and aspects might not fully or partially function as expected. However, we will continue to enhance this system and will soon ensure that we meet the higest standards. We are offering this online service to the individuals and businesses in USA, UK and Worldwide with a good intention that it would help everyone.

Modules, pages, features, content and functionality in this site are still under Beta stage of development and we are continuously improving the site.We are not responsible for any loss or damage or inconvenience caused to you or your business by using our service.

Thulya disclaims the ownership of the content or material posted publically or disitributed by its members; The individual members who posted such content or material are resposible for the copyright, ownership or other legal issues arising out of the content; Thulya or Founders of Thulya or Staff members can not be held responsible for such content or material.

If you find any objectionable or unlawful content posted by the members, please report to us at meet @ thulya.com. If its a matter of urgency, please fax to us at 0044 - 20 7147 1307 so that we can take immediate action.

Unless otherwise stated explicitly, the 'Lifetime Hosting' in the site implies that the subscription is valid for life time and there is no specific limit on the number of years as long as our business continues to operate. In the rare situation when the business ceases the specific or all operations, we will give you advance notice atleast four calendar weeks (28 days) to enable you to migrate the content to any other provider.

Data Disclosure policy

We do not share your data with any third parties. When the users register and subscribe to the hosting and domain registration services offered by our partner entities, the users data will remain within the infrastructure of our partners subject to the data protection laws. We use our members data to offer our services customised for the individual members. We use your data and usage patterns internally using automated(unsupervised) or semi-automated (supervised) computer algorithms and software within our company to provide you better services and solutions.

But we may use your basic info and friend's details from login providers and send request on behalf of you to add them into your network based on confirmation of their consent.

We do not disclose your private details provided in your identify and address proof documents and/or the data of your usuage, private content and details with our site to anyone across the world. In extra-ordinary circumstances, upon the Order from the Court of Law or request from the law and enforcement authorities of your residing country or a home coutry, your details may be disclosed to the law enforcement officials and the Govt. In case of heinous crimes such as murder, rape and terrorism activities, we may disclose your details to the law-enforcement officials even though the order from court of law is not mandatory in these circumstances but the law-enforcmenent officials should provide sufficient proof to convince our management and/or legal team that the user is involved in a heinous crime; we do not disclose your details to anyone otherwise, to ensure your privacy.

Refund Policy:

If you are not happy with our service, please contact us within 14 days of your initial payment and we will refund your full payment after deducting any credits spent by you and any transactional charges incurred by third party payment processing companies.Email our helpdesk at meet @   thulya.com.

Fee paid for the domain registrations are not refundable as the domain registration is not reversible. The fee paid to the domain registration is instantly paid to the third party domain registrars approved by ICANN and such registrations are not refundable (non-refundable).

Refunds will be provided only for the hosting services within the 14 days from the time of registration. The hosting cost too can not be refunded beyond 14 days as we spend the amount to procure, manage, administer and maintain the hosting infrastructure and services but we can terminate the services for you prior to the next billing cycle upon your request.